Why the word God just a variant spelling of the word goat and goad, or shepherd’s crook

It is ironic that most dictionaries and most religions say that they do not know the meaning of the word God, even though they have been studying the word and their religions for thousands of years. But that is only because they are trying to hide the meaning of the word God from the public because it would reveal the real meaning and basis of their religion.

The word ‘God’ is closely related to two other words next to it in the dictionary, ‘goad’ and ‘goat’. The goad is the name of a tool used to control sheep and goats. It’s also called a shepherd’s crook.

The shepherd’s crook was used as a symbol for God because in much the same way God controls peoples’ minds and behavior as ones conscience, or the voice of one’s parents, ancestors or communities. It is the small voice in our head that speaks to us telling us if we are doing right or wrong depending on what the social conventions of one’s culture are.

This explains why shepherd’s crook symbol was used as a symbol for  Jesus, even though he was supposed to be a carpenter and not a shepherd.

This also explains why the German word for God, ‘Gott’, is a variant spelling of ‘goat’. It is significant that Jesus claimed that he was a sacrificial lamb, (a virtual equivalent species) as well as being a ‘scapegoat’. Jesus also claimed that he was a shepherd,  and that his followers were his flock of sheep, as well as claiming that he was God himself, which nicely links up all these seemly different ideas.

This means that when Jesus claimed that ‘he was God’ it was just another way of saying that ‘he was a shepherd’s crook’ or that ‘he was a sheep or goat’.

God is also another word for ones thoughts and beliefs, for it is one thoughts and beliefs that ‘goad’ us into action and the things that we do. This means that instead of saying that ‘I think that I should do this or that’, one could say instead that ‘God told me that he wants me to do this or that’.

Alternatively if ones plans work out you can say that ‘God is on my side’ and if ones plans don’t work out then one can say that ‘God is punishing me because I wasn’t devout enough’, or ‘it wasn’t in God’s plan’.

In conclusion this all just means that God can be said to be just the personification of one’s thoughts, desires and beliefs.


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