Why did God used to think that there were a pantheon of imaginary Gods that he had to wage war in heaven against?

Why was God fighting a pantheon of non-existent Gods? Gods that God claimed didn’t exist and God’s that he wasn’t even able to defeat and who he lost major battles to.

The Bible describes numerous times when God rallies against the other Bronze Age Gods such as Jupiter and Zeus and Diana claiming that he is greater and more powerful than they are. These are Gods that everyone now admits are fictional and aren’t really there and yet still God was challenged to his utmost to try to defeat. God even boasts that he was able to beat the greatest Pharaoh of all in a challenge of miracles and magic making. This is no longer considered such an impressive feat now people no longer think that the pharaohs were Gods either

If God was fighting a pantheon of non-existent fictional Gods it must mean that he must be non-existent and fictional as well to have found it so challenging and to have been defeated by them on numerous occasions. God was defeated by the Gods of the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Greeks, and the Romans when they attacked the Holy Land and destroyed his sacred temple and his chosen people.

The God of the Romans was Jupiter and it was commonly accepted that once one was defeated by an invading God then it meant their God was greater and truer than ones own God and so the people would move over to worshiping them instead. This explains why the Christian name for God was changed to Father, which is what Jupiter means in Latin.

It also explains why the Bible also gives a ringing endorsement and over-exaggerated praise of the Roman goddess Diana saying that ‘Diana is the goddess the whole world and all of Asia worships.’ Diana  is pictured above performing her daily duties of bringing the morning light to the world by riding her chariot across the sky at dawn.


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