Exploring the origin and meaning of the Bible’s pagan myths and Gods

This blog will look into the mythological meaning, origins and context of the stories in the bible. This is because one won’t be able to really understand the biblical myths and stories if one doesn’t know the mythological context that they had at the time.

These myths  and stories have been adopted by numerous cultures and adapted and changed over the centuries and so it is important to make sure that one is not taking the stories out of context, or think that the stories are true, or mistakenly think that they are about something else altogether.

The churches have a long history of not wanting to acknowledge the bibles mythological context and origins because they want to claim that their stories and religion was new and original. The churches had to instigate long pogroms of book burning and to attack and destroy rival religions and faiths and persecute and kill people with other ideas, beliefs and critiques.

In any particular story one needs to understand was Jesus, God or other characters trying to represent or play the role of the world’s other major Lords or Gods that were currently worshiped at, or prior, to his time – such as Pan,  Baal, Bacchus, Adonis, Satyr,  Dionysus,  Zeus, or the numerous other deities that are mentioned or alluded to in the bible stories.

Also being aware of where  the other family members of the Gods and goddesses and their pantheons have been presented or hidden in the Bible stories. The churches have had to largely try and hide and disguise the identities of the other Gods  to try and conform with the core Christian dogma and doctrine that there is only one male God.

Believing in only one God can be highly prejudicial and immoral

The Christian claim for instance that there is only one male Father God and no female God is just a way to exclude mothers, sisters, or daughters from having access to the same positions of wealth, power, privilege, or benefits that are available to males

Alternatively believing that God only cares for a certain tribal, race or country as opposed to another tribal group or people is just a way to legitimise prejudice, hate and persecution.  It was used as a easy way to justify racism, sexism and bigotry. It was used as a way to accuse those who had their own traditional gods or more than one God derogatory terms such as idolatrous, sacrilegious, or being evil devil worshiping heretics, etc.

The words ‘evil’ and ‘devil’ have been so named to malign and impugn ‘Eve’, the so called ‘mother of all living’ and the words ‘heretic’ and ‘heresy’ has been named after Hera, the wife of Zeus. These  words where coined when Zeus was thought to be a good but not his wife.

Why did Jesus and God gave themselves the same pagan titles used  by all the other pagan Gods?

The reason Jesus called himself such titles as  Lord, God and Savior is because they were the same titles that all the pagan Gods called themselves for thousands of years prior to him. This means Jesus and God were trying to give himself some credibility, validity and importance by equating and likening himself to them.

The real meaning behind these mythological stories of archetypal figures  is that the gods and goddesses are just representing one’s family, friends, enemies, lovers, important rulers, government figures and Kings and Queens.

The reason God is called ‘Father’ is because it was just meant to referring to one’s own father and father’s father, or the founding father of one’s tribe or country. Also this is why the church teaches that there is no Mother God or goddess is so that men don’t have to show any great concern or consideration for females, who were seen as a threat to male dominance, wealth and power.

Originally these myths were meant to teach that men don’t need to worship God if they have a wife or mistress – for their wives and mistresses become their real life Aphrodite, Venus, Diana, Ishtar or goddess figures.

And women don’t have to worship God if they have a man or husband for their man or husband becomes their Adonis, Bacchus, Satyr, Baal or Lord.

Like wise ones parents and grandparents become one’s own real life Zeus, Jupiter, Hera or Juno figures. It is ones parents and grandparents, wives and husbands, children and siblings that one should be honoring and not some ancient archetypal figment or ghost of someone else’s imagination.


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