Why the worship of the land of milk and honey, the Promised Land, the Holy Land, the land of Israel, is pure paganism and goddess worship

The churches teach that paganism is wrong and evil but this is not true and being disingenuous. Paganism is about the love of the countryside, the land, mother earth and the womenfolk. The word ‘pagan’ or ‘pagani’ just meant countryside in Italian, or Latin. The land or countryside was also a euphemism for the female, so the word pagan originally meant a lover of the land, or of the female. This explains why the Holy Land is also called very feminine terms such as ‘the land of milk and honey’.

This means that one can easily tell if one is worshiping a pagan religion and that is if it is based on the worship or adulation of the earth ,or land, or countryside and the female – for the land was always thought to be female and was often named after their reigning goddess.

As the Christian and Hebrew religion is based on the love of the Promised Land, the Holy Land and the land of Israel as well as Mount Sion, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount it means that Christianity and Hebraism are deeply rooted in paganistic beliefs and teachings. The catholic adulation of the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God also reveals the deep pagan roots that Christianity is based on.

In the Hebrew religion the love or the worship of their goddess know variously as Israel, Asherah,  Ashtoreth, Astarte or Ishtar was presented or disguised as being their love of the land or the Holy Land of Israel.


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