Is the primitive pagan mindset of God really the best mindset to have in the world today?

What the church has been doing for a thousand of years and is still trying to do today is to introduce the mindset of the primitive pagan mind, even going back to stone age culture and thousands of years BC. We have to question the sense of wanting to maintain or re-introduce such a primitive mindset. This primitive mindset of God just coincides with the mindset that primitive nomadic goat herders had.

Back then people were burning people and hanging them on posts outside for everyone to see or stoning  non-virgin girls in the street on their wedding day. This was the mindset back then and this is the mindset of God as described in Christianity. The God of the Bible told and even ordered his tribal followers to do those sorts of things.

Today the big issue on the news is homosexual marriage and so the people who are influence by this primitive Bronze/Stone Age mentality say that they are bad and immoral people and that they should be killed. Of course as the church has lost the power to control government this is what churches were doing. They were burning people at the stake. Countries that still live under the same old laws are burning them to death.

This primitive mindset of God lead us backwards into unending conflict and strife and we can do much better in our choice of pagan belief systems if we want to do so.


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