Why God is called Father rather than Mother or Father/Mother

The reason why God is called ‘Father’ is because ‘God’ is a grandiose name for ones male parent. It was the honoring of one’s own father who seeded you as opposed to one’s mother. Worshiping the male parent on their own is designed to detract from the significance, importance and contribution of one’s mother.

This however contradicts the Genesis quote that emphatically says  ‘male and female are made in the image of God’. This is another way of saying that God, or the creator of ones life is both male and female, or in other words ones parents.

The religions of  Abraham (who is pictured above attempting to sacrifice his son) are unique in wanting to believe for socio-political agendas that one’s male parent was much more important than one’s mother. This sexist ideology entitled the male to certain benefits and privileges over the female.

This doctrine was later extended to meaning that the male parent is the sole creator of one’s life. The New Testament boldly asserts, ‘No man is born from a woman’, to try and silence any debate or dispute on the matter.

The New Testament’s bold assertion was only officially disproved just over a  hundred years ago with the invention of the microscope when the female egg was seen for the first time and the significant contribution of the mother as compared to the father could be seen.

Before the microscope the church used the analogy of the male seed or semen being like a plant seed, which holds all the genetic  information and material needed to reproduce a new plant. The mother was then able to be likened to just being like the soil or dirt that the vital male seed is planted into to grow and feed off. As that was the limited extent of the female contribution the church could then claim that the male sex was the superior and more important sex compared to the female and that the male sex deserved more privileges and authority over the female.

The reason why religions say that God, or one’s father creates the whole infinite universe is because as one comes out of the womb the whole universe comes into being at the same time. It’s isn’t any more complex than that. This is why churches insist that the world was created 6,000 years ago, instead of the actual 13 billion years, is because this is only referring to the time of their great, great grandfathers who they identify as the founder of their tribal group.

At one time  Adam was considered to be the father of all living, as he was the partner of Eve, who the Bible says was ‘the mother of all living’. Later the founding father of the Jews was identified as Abraham and so Abraham is the tribal God that Christianity was based around worshiping.

Images of God depict how Abraham was thought to look like. His depiction as suspended in the air was to represent that Abraham is in the spirit world or as a floating ghost. The name Abraham, or Abram, meaning Father Ram and is a acknowledgement of him being an incarnation of the bull God or the golden calf or the golden ram. The above picture depicting Abraham about to kill his son Isaac is later repeated with God attempting to kill or sacrifice his Son Jesus.

Calling God, Father, was also an acknowledgement to the Roman God Jupiter whose name meant ‘Father’, and who was worshiped as the king of Gods and the equivalent of Zeus.


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