Why christianity doesn’t worship El, Baal and the Elohim anymore – the original Hebrew names for God, the Lord and his pantheon

Why Christianity doesn’t  worship and honor El, Baal and the Elohim anymore is because they are trying to hide the name and identity of their God from the public for obvious reasons.

The original name for the God of the bible was called El and the pantheon of gods that he ruled over was called the Elohim. The reason right through the Bible ‘God’ is called ‘Lord God’ is  because the word ‘Lord’ is translated from the word ‘Baal’.

This means saying that one worships the Lord God is actually saying that you are worshiping the ‘God Baal’. This is  the God that all the churches now say is a bad or false God.

One can see statues and idols of El,  or the Lord God Baal, in the mythology books, as seen above, but the church is obviously embarrassed by him and his primitive crude pagan identity and appearance that they only show more recent grander images of him by the great master painters and they no longer call them by their original names.

In Genesis the word ‘God’ is incorrectly translated from the word ‘Elohim’, which is plural and means ‘gods and goddesses’. It was only because the churches were trying to falsely claim that there is only one God that it wasn’t translated correctly.

The Elohim was the name for the pantheon of Gods under El. This means that the text in Genesis should have been translated, ‘In the beginning the gods and goddesses created the heavens and earth’, or ‘the gods and goddesses said, Let us make man and women in our own likeness and image’, etc.

There is another God in the Bible called Yahweh who is different to the God El. This means there are actually two different Gods in the Bible text, but the church tries to hide that because it contradicts their contradictory dogma that there is only one and sometimes three Gods. So what the churches have done is in the texts where the different names of Gods appear they take them out and write just God instead.

Yahweh was sometimes written latter as Jehovah, but this spelling is not favored by some latter churches. This is because it reveals too clearly that Jehovah is a female name based on the name of Eve and indicating that the true God of the bible is not male but Eve, who the bible says is’the mother of all living’. The title ‘the mother of all living’ is the classical title of the supreme goddess.

The reason why the 2nd Commandment says that one must not make any image of God or say God’s name is because they are trying to hide the primitive identity of their God. However this commandment is one that virtually all the churches now ignore with their houses of worship containing numerous images, paintings and statues of God and Jesus by the finest artists and craftsmen.

The Hebrews used to  claim that the 2nd Commandment was because God is so sacred he doesn’t like people looking at his image or saying his name, but this is not the real reason. The real reason is that if one knows the name of God then one can look him up in the mythology books and see that he has a different identity, history and extended family than what the churches now claim.

One would see that he was not  all on his own without a wife, or a mother, or daughters, or sisters, or sons. One could look up and see for instance that El had 70 sons, not just one.

This means that the images of God that the churches do now depict are not showing the images of God at all – as they are not allowed to be show any images of God at all.

As mentioned, this means that any image of God that the churches do present, or any name of God that one has been told is not going to be the real name. Calling one’s God ‘God’ is not actually identifying which God one is referring to because all Gods are called God. There is no actual God whose name is ‘God’, for all Gods are called God.This means that ones prayers could be going to Zeus, or Jupiter, or Mars instead when one is praying to God if one is  not actually specifying which actual God you are praying to or worshiping.

The disciples called Jesus ‘Baal’ and why the word Bible means ‘Two Baals’ 

The religion of the Canaanites tell us that El had a son called Baal and this name also means ‘Lord’ and ‘Lord God’ but can also can mean ‘mister’ or ‘master’.

Baal was the name that the disciples called Jesus. In the New Testament the churches have translated the name Baal as ‘master’ even though Baal was the name of a specific God with a specific identity and temples of his own, but who the churches now claim is a false pagan God.

Baal or Bel was also the name of the God that is written on the cover of the Bible. Bi-Ble meaning ‘Two Baals’ or ‘Two Gods’. The ‘Two Gods’ being referred to could be God and his Son, ‘El and Baal’ or Baal and his wife Baalat, or God and his wife, or mother, El and Asherah.

The churches again have tried to hide the name of Baal by saying instead that Bible just means ‘book’, after the name ‘Byblos’ where making paper for books was a big industry. But Byblos was also the name of the important Phoenician city  whose patron Gods were Baal and his wife Baalat.

It is clearly not necessary to write the word ‘book’ on a book as it is self evident that it is a book. It certainly doesn’t help one find it in a library of thousands of books saying that you are looking for a book, as they are all books.

Religious books write the name of the Gods on the cover that they are referring to, worshiping  and that they are trying to promote. The town of Byblos was named after Baal and his sister/wife Baalat, as they were the patron Gods of that town, which strongly suggests that these are the ‘Two Gods’, or ‘Two Baals’ that the word ‘Bi-Ble’ is referring to.


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