Why many attributes of God are the same as an angry, jealous, zealous penis

In many ways the Hebrew God was just the personification of the penis. That is why God is said to be great and loving and ‘gives forth’, or ‘forgives’, so much. It also the reason why God says repeatedly that he is a jealous and a zealous God.

This is also why Jesus is called the ‘savior’ or ‘the one who saves’. The word ‘saves’ and ‘savior’ is from the Greek word ‘soter’, which means ‘to sow seeds’, or in other words semen.

It is also why the Bible says ‘God is love’ – because the male instrument of love, or love making, is the penis. This is the reason behind the biblical teaching that ‘God wants everyone to love one another’ and to ‘love your neighbour’, etc.

In the Old Testament the word ‘Lord’ is translated from the Hebrew word ‘Adonai’ which is derived from the Greek name ‘Adonis’. Adonis being the Greek youthful and handsome God of love and also a variant spelling of ‘a penis’. The Greek sex God’s name, ‘Pan’, is also the root of the word ‘penis’

Jesus was also called ‘Baal’ by his disciples which was the name of Canaanite/Babylonian youthful God of sex. The churches have tried to hide this by deceptively translating the word ‘Baal’ as ‘master’, when it would have been more accurately translated as ‘Balls’.

In the New Testament the word ‘Lord’ is translated from ‘Kurios’, who was the Greek youthful God of sex and the son of Core. (The statue of Kouros, or Kurios is depicted above)

The English word ‘curious’ is from the same root word as ‘Kurios’ and ‘Core’ and is referring to the ‘curious attraction’ that the genitals hold over people.

The goat and sheep were both classical symbols of the penis because they are horned animals and this is why Jesus said he was both a sheep and a goat. He said he was ‘the lamb of God’, the ‘sacrificial lamb’ and the ‘scapegoat’.

It also explains why Jesus said such things as  ‘He was coming again’, ‘He comes quickly’ and that ‘He has risen again’, etc., which are all attributes of the penis or things that the penis does.


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