Why Jesus was called ‘Baal’ and who the ‘Two Baals’ in the word ‘Bi-Baal’ are

The religion of the Canaanites tell us that their Father God El had a son called Baal. Baal also means Lord and can also mean just master or mister. Baal can also be spelt Bel  and Baal was the name that the Bible says the disciples called Jesus.

The Temple priests were also identifying Jesus as Bel when they said that he was Beelzebub, which the church say means ‘Lord of the flies’.

In the New Testament the churches have deceptively translated the name Baal as ‘master’ even though Baal was the name of a specific Phoenician/Canaanite/Babylon God with a specific identity and with impressive temples dedicated to his worship. This means that when the disciples and the priesthood called Jesus Baal they were identifying him with the all ready well known and well established prime deity of their land.

Baal or Bel was the name of the Lord or God that is written on the cover of the Bible. The word ‘Bi-Ble’ meaning ‘Two Baals’, ‘Two Lords’, or ‘Two Gods’, (The syllable ‘bi’ meaning two in Greek)

The cover of the bible is actually saying that there  are two Gods and not just one as the churches try to claim now. The flaw and weakness in christianities doctrine that there is only one God dogma reveals itself when they have to contradict themselves by also saying at other times that there are three Gods. The Trinity of Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The question then is who are the two Gods that the word Bible is referring to and why has the church been trying to hide this other God?

If Jesus is the Lord, or Baal, then he must have a lady- for it is a lady that makes a man a Lord, just as it is a mother that makes a man a father. The Bible even calls Jesus ‘the bridegroom’, but then they contradict themselves by saying that he is a bridegroom without a bride.

Clearly the churches are trying to hide the identity of the Lord’s bride because then the successors of their claimed heredity royal line of Jesus would not  go to the Pope in Rome, but to one of his family memberrs.

The word ‘God’ is also just a term for our parents who created us and brought us into being. But as the church is now totally committed, for political power and sexist reasons, to claim in effect that  we only have a father as a parent but not a mother. The New Testament emphatically and totally bizarrely states to enforce their dogma that ‘no man is born from a woman’.

Some of the reasons it says this is that the mother was thought too sinful and immoral to acknowledge as our creator after being tainted by the sin of Eve in the Garden of Eden story and because it puts the male God n a inferior light to the female as He is not able to give birth.

This dogma was translated into meaning by extension that we should only have a  king and not a queen and that we should only have a priest and not a priestess, or as the New Testament states that, ‘No women should speak or teach in church or have authority over a man.’

The churches  have tried to hide the name of Baal or Bel and the fact that the word ‘Bible’ means ‘two Gods’ or ‘God and goddess’, ‘Lord and lady’, Husband and wife’, ‘Bride and bridegroom’, ‘Master and mistress’, or ‘Father and mother’. Instead they say that Bible just means ‘book’, They say it is named after the Phoenician port city of ‘Byblos’, which was renown for making the best paper for books.

But it is clearly not necessary to write the word ‘book’ on a book as it is self evident that it is a book. It certainly doesn’t help one find this book in a library of thousands of books saying that you are looking for a book called book, as they are all books.

The reason Bel is written on the cover is because religions  commonly write the name of the God or Gods that they are trying to promote or worship on the cover of their books.

Byblos was named after Babel or Babylon which were named after Bel.  Baal and his sister/wife Baalat were the main Gods in Byblos. Books were named after Byblos because Bel and Baalat were supposed to be keen on promoting learning and libraries.

This then means that Baal and Baalat were the ‘Two Lords, Gods, or Baals’ that the word ‘Bi-Ble’ is referring to. They were the ‘man and woman’, the ‘master and mistress’, the ‘Lord and the Lady’, the ‘bride and bridegroom’, or the ‘God and goddess’ that were being invoked and worshiped and not just a book made of paper.

Significantly Byblos was not much more than a days walk from Nazareth the town where Jesus was said to be from although Nazareth apparently did exist at the time of Jesus.

Other important cities and countries named after Bel apart from Byblos, Babylon and Babel, with its Tower of Babel that reached to heaven are Baalbec and Palmyra, which have impressive temples of Bel.

Some other important Biblical words named after Bel, apart from Bible, are beliefs, believe, disciple, gospel, temple, palace, Palestine, Phallus, Philistine, pillars, steeple, bulls, pulpit, balls (i.e. testicles),  table, Kabalah, Abel, Jezebel,  bells, etc.

The reason why churches to this day still ring bells as did the Hebrews was to preserve the tradition of  the worship of Bel. Also the reason that the Bible says that Abel was killed by his brother Cain is because the religion of Bel is based on the idea of the yearly ritual sacrifice of Bel – just as Jesus was sacrificed and as Jezebel was sacrificed by being thrown of her palace walls.

Interestingly the Bible says that Jezebel’s body was left out to be eaten by dogs. This is significant because the Hebrew word for priest ‘Cohen’ is from the same root as the word for dog, ‘canine’ and for the land of ‘Canaan’. This means that it is saying that the priests were performing the same Eucharist rite that the priests today perform with the body of Jesus of eating his body and drinking his blood.

The above image is titled Baal and his Asherah. Asherah was the Hebrew name for wife of God and these two is also referring to the ‘Two Baals’ the word ‘Bible’ means.

Asherah was also the name for the tree of life and knowledge that is mentioned in Genesis with its forbidden fruit. The Bible mentions that Asherahs were built on every high hill in the Holy Land where people would go to worship or in other words go to have sex and to celebrate  under .

It is unclear in the above image if Baal has raised his sword to protect his Asherah or the tree of life or if he is about to cut it down. As mentioned it was an important part of the religion of Bel that Bel had to be ritually sacrificed every year as seen in the ritual sacrifice of Jesus,  John the Baptist and of Judas or in the destroying of the golden calf or the golden bull under the direction of Moses. This actually meant that Moses was acting as a Baal or golden calf worshiper and not the opposite as the churches try to claim today.



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