Why ‘heaven’ and ‘evil’ were named after ‘Eve’

As the word ‘heaven’ and the Hebrew word for heaven, shamayin, is based on the root of the name ‘Eve’ it seemingly contradicts the Christian teaching that Eve was bad and the sinner who brought suffering into the world. Eve’s title of ‘the mother of living’ gives a clue that its meaning is referring to the female and their powers to create love and life.

It is also referring to the idea that one is in heaven when one is in arms of one’s lover. It also alludes to the idea that when one dies the way the way one is going to be born again is as one of our own children out of your lover’s womb and the wombs of one’s descendants.

Also surprising he word ‘hell’ is based on the on the name of the Hebrew and Christian Father God, El. The word ‘hell’ is based on the root of the word ‘hole’, which is also a term for the female genitals. This also explains the biblical description of hell being a pit of burning fires – as this was the classical term for the female genitals, being like a pit of burning lust and desire.

The fact that the word ‘heal’, ‘holy’ and ‘whole’ are also based on the word ‘hell’ tells us that the meaning of the word has been changed over time from being a good place to be to a bad place. This change happened when the church decided to wage war against the female sex and tried to repress and oppress them.

Also the fact that the Bible says when Jesus died he went straight to hell confirms everything is not quite what one would assume. The Greek word for Hell, Hades, is also based on the name Eve as the Greek spelling of Eve was Hebe.

The above image is called Paradise Lost by Gustave Dore.


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