Was Jesus married to Salome, the patron moon goddess of Jerusalem and/or to Mary Magdalene?

The ending in the bible that the churches try to overlook and ignore is where it says says that Jesus or the Lamb is married and his bride is the new Jerusalem. In the second to last chapter of the Bible it tells of a New Heaven and a New Earth and a new Jerusalem which is not referring to the city of stones and bricks, as the churches claim, but to the actual real live bride of Jesus.

‘Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready.’(Rev 19:7)

‘And I saw a new Heaven and a new Earth, for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.’ (Rev 21:1-2)

The name ‘Jerusalem’ is another name for the goddess because Jerusalem was named after the moon goddess Salome, which is a variant spelling of the Greek name Selene. The first syllable ‘Jeru’ meaning ‘mountain’ in Hebrew.The salutation ‘Shalom’ meaning ‘peace be with you’ is also a variant spelling of Salome

Salome is also the female equivalent of the name Solomon who built the First Temple of God in Jerusalem. Solomon showed his devotion to the moon goddess of love and fertility by having a harem of 800 wives and 400 concubines.Solomon also built a statue to the moon goddess Ashtoreth and placed it in the Jewish Temple as God’s wife,it stayed for 400 years.. Ashtoreth was the Phoneican spelling of Ishtar.

It is also significant that there was a lady called Salome who was present at the crucifixion along with Mary Magdalene. Also it was a lady called Salome who asked for the head of John the Baptist to be delivered to her on a platter as a gift from king Herod. This act could have been done to conveniently eliminate one of Jesus’s competing contenders for the title of Lord, God and Savior.  Jesus may even have told her that he wanted John the Baptist eliminated as he had formed his own rival sect of followers.

The name ‘new heavenly Jerusalem’ could also be a referring to Mary Magdalene who as a prostitute was also representing the moon goddess Ishtar, Selene, Gadesh, etc. The name Mary was the Latin name for ‘whore’ and is also the root of the word to ‘marry’.and ‘mare’, meaning the sea and semen. The sea being the symbol of Aphrodite, the Greek name for the goddess of love.

The evidence that the Hebrews worshiped the moon God is seen by the fact that when Moses wanted to talk to God he went to Mt Sinai, which also meant that ‘the mountains of the Moon’. There was  a temple to the moon God there and it was where the  moon God was said to reside sometime. Sin  was the Babylon name for the moon God and he was the Father of Ishtar. The name Jerusalem also meant ‘mountain of the moon’ and so it was meant to represent the new Mt Sinai, or the new mountain of Sin.

The New Testament says that the other moon goddesses Artemis and Diana are the goddess ‘the whole world and all of Asia loves’. (Asia being the old Roman name for the Middle East)

Mary Magdalene was also presented as playing the role of Ishtar  for the bible says that she was  at the tomb of Jesus on her own at the time of his resurrection. It was the role of Ishtar in the Babylon mythology to resurrect her husband and Lord Tammuz from the dead. This explains why the incident is said to have happened at ‘Easter’, which is variant spelling of ‘Ishtar’.

One of the reasons why the church has to hide that Jesus was married is because they don’t want to have to admit that Jesus was married to a harlot, or harlots, such as Salome and Mary Magdalene as they thought it would reflect badly on his character. As prostitutes they were considered to be representatives of moon goddesses such as goddess Ishtar, Selene, or  Gadesh, etc.(Gadesh is also spelt Quadesh, Kadesh, Qetesh, who is pictured above).

The word Quadesh is translated in the Old Testament as meaning both ‘Holy’ and ‘whore’ and is the name for the Holy Ghost and the Holy Spirit of the Christian Trinity.  It is also the root of the word and a variant spelling of ‘goddess’, (i.e Gadesh).

Although prostitutes are often maligned as being immoral -this is not necessarily the case. A prostitute it is just another name for someone who likes to give and receive love, which was the core and basis of Jesus’s teaching to love one another. It also explains why Jesus is so named because the name Jesus means ‘I am horse’ in Hebrew, which is their euphemistic term for a ‘whore’ or for someone with large genitals.

The name Jesus, or ‘sus’  means ‘I am a pig’ in Greek as the pig was the totem animal or symbol of Dionysus, who was renown for his drunkenness, gluttony and debauchery, which was same the same claim made of Jesus in the Bible. ‘Sus’ in Hebrew means ‘horse’, which was also the totem name and symbol for a whore, according to the bible.

The church of course wouldn’t want people to know that it was Jesus’s marriage to his bride that was going to bring a new Heaven and a new Earth – which is  the experience that children  have when they are born – rather than being able to claim that it was due to the dictates and the grace of the church, or the pope in Rome.



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