Was carnal knowledge the reason Jesus called Solomon ‘the wisest man who ever lived’?

The one thing that the church has trouble explaining is the fact that Jesus thought King Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived. For the most distinctive things about Solomon that could explain his unique title as the wisest man was that he was extremely sexually promiscuous as well as being idolatrous and disobedient to God.

In the bible an euphemism for sexual intercourse is called ‘knowledge’, or ‘to know’ someone. This means that the great knowledge being referred to in regards to Solomon was ‘carnal knowledge’.

Solomon was a worshiper of the moon goddess Astarte /Ashtoreth (pictured above). He put a statue of Ashtoreth, the goddess or love, sex and fertility, in the Jewish Temple of Jerusalem to represent the wife, or consort of God -where the statue stayed for over 400 years.

One can see the similarity of the depiction of Ashtoreth/Astarte to that of Kadesh/Qetesh/Qadesh in the previous post, whose name is translated as meaning both Holy Spirit and whore in the Old Testament, showing that they were considered to be one and the same.

Solomon had one of the largest harems ever known containing 700 wives and 300 concubines so the parties, orgies and festivities that would have be going on in his palace and harem would have been excessive. Solomon wrote highly erotic poetry that is included in the Bible.

The Bible says that of the many strange women he had, one was a pharaoh’s daughter. This could be interpreted as meaning that he was a pharaoh for marrying a Pharaoh’s daughter is one thing that qualifies a man to be called a pharaoh. This could also explain why there was no Hebrew King that fits Solomon’s description given in the Bible, but there was certainly an Egyptian Pharaoh who had a similar sized harem as he is said to have had and similarly sized stables .

This would mean that some of the wisdom that Jesus was in awe of was his knowledge of the mysteries and religion of the Egypt.  Solomon was distinctive in his opened mindedness and support for other pagan gods. He displayed this by also building statues to Moloch, Milcom and Chemosh on the high places.

King Solomon had a wife called Queen Sheba, which is a variant spelling of Eve, which means that he would have been regarded by people as being the equivalent of Adam. As the name Adam is a variant spelling of ‘Adon’ and ‘Adonis’, meaning Lord – and is the same title that Jesus and God claimed for themselves also.

Clearly the most impressive and distinctive things about Solomon was his excessive decadence, his idolatry and his adultery. As Jesus thought Solomon was the wisest man that ever lived we can assume that Jesus was keen to emulate and copy the same things that Solomon did. The ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’ of Solomon that Jesus was impressed with and referring to was clearly his ‘carnal knowledge’ and the number of sexual conquests that Solomon was having. We can therefore assume Jesus was supportive of adultery, idolatry and disobedience to the laws of God, while at the same time claiming and  pretending not to be.

We can also assume that Jesus too would have wanted to match or aspire to better Solomon in the amount of wives and sex he had and that he too approved of the worship of Ashtoreth, Milcom, Chemosh and Moloch.

Even though the churches today say that what Solomon did was wrong they still have no choice but to agree with Jesus that Solomon was the wisest man the world has ever known and that God was right in choosing him as the right, proper and most spiritually and religiously qualified person to build God’s Holy Temple in Jerusalem.


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