Did Jesus go to the Sea of Galilee to honor Lilith and recruit her followers?

The Sea of Galilee where many famous incidents of Jesus occurred was named after the goddess Lilith and it was an area sacred to her and a pilgrimage place where people went to worship her. (Lilee=Lilith=Lily)

Lilith was worshiped there as the goddess of the lake as a Hebrew equivalent of Aphrodite. It is important to note that the Sea of Galilee was not a sea but a lake, but by claiming it was a sea it makes Lilith and Jesus’s miracles there seem more important. By calling it a sea it equates Lilith with the goddess of the sea, Aphrodite, as well as with Jesus’s mother and Mary Magdalene who are both named after the sea too. (Mary = mere, the sea)

The fact that Jesus found his disciples there suggests that he was seeking out Lilith followers as his disciples, which is significant as she is considered by some to be a sort of she-devil like Hecate, Diana, Artemis or Ishtar, etc. It also signifies that Jesus was staying true to the Hebrew tradition of goddess worship and especially of their worship of the Hebrew mother of God Asherah, with Lilith being one of her daughters.

In the New Testament the titles  of Asherah  such as ‘mother of God’ and ‘Queen of Heaven’ are bestowed on Jesus’s mother, signifying that she is to considered to be a incarnation of the goddess Asherah. As her name ‘Mary’ meant ‘sea’ (mere) as well as a ‘horse’ (mare),  ‘marry’, ‘mar’ and ‘nightmare’ it means that she was thought to represent Lilith as well. This also explains why Jesus is said to have treated his mother with disdain, ignored her, called her ‘woman’ and appeared to disown her on the occasion when he said ‘who is my mother?’.

Lilith was worshiped as the daughter of God by many cultures and she is why the churches have to adamantly insist that their God doesn’t have a mother, or a daughter, or a sister to try and distance themselves from her because they know their God can’t compete with them and will inevitably come out second best in any disagreement or conflict. The rite of circumcision was considered to be a representation of what Lilith would do to people if she is not given  the proper respect, or is being taken advantage of, or abused..

It is speculated the reason why God isn’t able to have any children is because he was castrated and was dis-empowered by her. The only Son that Christianity says that he did have being conceived by very bizarre and dubious means and circumstances. It also explains why the churches claim that Mary was still a virgin afterwards and why the Christian God is said to be an angry and jealous God.

Lilith was  a Hebrew representation of the mother/sister/daughter goddesses such as Cybele, Ishtar, Isis, Hathor, etc. The symbolism of Jesus walking on the water there was meant to represent that he was walking on Lilith, or that she was holding him up, or that he was superior to her. The stilling of the stormy sea that Jesus performed there was meant to represent that she listened to Jesus and that she liked to do what he told her to do and therefore Jesus must be an important worshiper of hers.

Bible translators have changed her name to ‘screech owl’ and ‘night owl’ to hide her identity and because she was often depicted with owl’s feet. Her totem owls and her owls feet are displayed in the above picture. She is also commonly represented standing on top of large cats, which is another of her totem animals as well as the horse, which is the symbol of a whore.

One of the reasons why the catholic church is named  after the cat is to honor her tradition and of course to honor Cybele the ‘Magna Mater’ or ‘Great Mother’ of Rome – the universal mother.Jesus too was named after the horse, her totem. The Hebrew word for horse being ‘sus’.

The Hebrew scriptures says Lilith was the first wife of Adam but that she didn’t like using the required submissive missionary position for sex with Adam so she left him. Eve then became his second wife in the Hebrew version of the story. Christianity censor Lilith out of the creation story and made Eve the first wife of Adam.

Lilith is later adopted into Christianity as the elusive, mysterious Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost and this is why the churches have to hide who the actual identity of who the Holy Spirit is. They will say they don’t know who or what the Holy Spirit is, other than that they are sure it, or he, is masculine.

The word ‘Holy’ in Hebrew is translated from Lilith’s other name ‘Qadesh’. This means  that the ‘Holy Bible’ was named after her and that the Bible was originally meant to be dedicated to her worship, before its censorship.

Lilith was called Qadesh or Kadesh by the Egyptians, Anatolians, Babylonians, Canaanites and Hebrews and she is often depicted with wings and birds feet. The beautiful lily flower is named after her and is her symbol and it was also the symbol of the vulva. The Bible describes how Solomon decorated God’s temple with lilies and Jesus’s direction or parable to ‘consider the lilies of the field’ was another way of saying ‘consider Lilith’, or ‘consider the mother of God’, or ‘consider the vulva’.


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