Why Christianity says there’s only one God but also says there are several

The reason why Christianity says there is only one God is because the word ‘one’ has other meanings other than a number.  Some other important meanings the word ‘one’ has is the moon (which is a variant spelling of ‘mono’). Another name for the moon ‘luna’ is also based on the syllable ‘una’ meaning one.

Another meaning of the word ‘one’ is the sun (‘solar’ being based on the root word ‘sole’). ‘One’ is also the meaning of the name of the Great God Pan, (whose name means ‘all and everything’, or in other words ‘one’).

It also means the mother goddess or the wife of God, ‘Juno’ (whose name is based on ‘uno’, meaning ‘one’. Juno was the wife of the Roman Father God, Jupiter. This means that the assertion that “there is only one God”, could have been referring to Juno, or another regional equivalent mother goddesses, even including Jesus’s mother the Madonna. The last syllable of Madonna meaning ‘one’.

Juno, pictured above, was also the goddess of marriage and the name of the Madonna, ‘Mary’, is the root of the word ‘marriage’, which means her name means ‘coming together as one’.

The word ‘one’ is a euphemism for coitus or sex so it is also referring to the widely worshiped sex Gods and goddesses like Dionysus, Bacchus, Pan, Aphrodite, Venus, Artemis, etc. The ‘one God’ or the ‘God of becoming one’, was just another term for ‘the God of love’, which is the God that Christians say they worship.

Jesus’s mother’s name, Mary, was also a  name that meant ‘sex worker’ or ‘sacred prostitute’. Mary is a name that also referred to the sea (mare) and  to the goddess of the sea, Aphrodite or Venus, the goddesses of love, fertility and sacred prostitution.

The term ‘only one God’ can also just mean that there is only one God of the land of Israel – and that is the God of the wilderness and the nomadic, desert dwellers and goat herders that lived  there once. But this doesn’t mean that there are not other Gods for the other lands and territories.

The Christian teaching of the trinity confirms that there is more than one God despite the fact that the church claims otherwise. Gods are distinguished by their sex and age and this is being distinguished in the categories of Father, Son and Holy Ghost pantheon.

The Holy spirit and Holy Ghost are both feminine terms, The word ‘Holy’ being translated from ‘hag’ in the New Testament and the goddesses’ name ‘Qadesh’ in the Old Testament. This means it is specifically referring to the long suppressed mother of God the church tries to hide, while at the same time openly idolising the Madonna, who they call ‘the mother of God’.

The Hebrew name of the mother and wife of God was ‘Asherah’ and ‘Shekinah’, or its variant spelling of ‘Chokmah’. No matter how much Christianity says there is no mother God, or wife of God,  it was the teaching of the Jewish religion that there was. Jesus followed the Jewish religion so he believed that God had a wife and mother  too. The simple fact is that one cannot have a father without a mother for it is the mother who makes him a father by giving birth to his child. This same principle applies to Gods as well.

In the history and mythology there where many gods and there were and many  that were clearly greater and more powerful than the Hebrew God, who was the God  of the desert dwelling nomadic goat herders of the Canaanite/Syrian/Sinai/Arabian wilderness. The Gods they worshiped was the sheep, goat and cow gods and they believed in animal human and God sacrifice as the way to appease God and make him happy.

Once a god of a country is defeated by an invading foreign country the God of the country totally loses his supremacy and credibility and is superseded by the conquering foreign god. The public understood there is no point in worshiping a defeated God because they are proven to be fallible which means that that they will be defeated time and again ever after.

The protocol of the gods is that once the God of a people are defeated they are superseded by the conquering God who has proven their superiority and therefore their right to rule the region or country after that.  The Hebrew God was defeated by the Babylonians, Egyptians, Hittites, Greeks, and Romans, which more than proved to everyone the Hebrew God’s impotency and inadequacies.

A religion can only get away by using the excuse for so long that their God deliberately abandoned his chosen people on purpose in their hour of need to punish them for not worshiping or obeying him enough or in the right way.

This explains christianities shift from worshiping the old angry, jealous, vengeful Old Testament Hebrew God to the new more loving, humane and civilized New Testament God as promoted by the Roman apostle Paul.

Paul negated and changed many of the old Jewish beliefs and teachings of Jesus. Paul made the Roman popes the head of Christianity instead of the strict Jewish religious requirement and protocol of a Jewish hereditary monarchy, that the remaining family members of God, which in Christianity is supposed to be Jesus, and his Holy royal bloodline, would be the heads of his religion.


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