Why the Bible says that Artemis and/or Diana is the goddess all Asia and the whole world worshippeth

The reason why the bible (Acts 19:27) gives such a significant endorsement to these two goddesses is because they were moon goddesses and the Hebrews and the Jews were devout worshipers of the moon as opposed to the sun. This was especially so for nomadic wilderness goat herders and desert dwellers as the Hebrews were whose survival was dependent on the cool relief of the night as opposed to the oppressive heat of the day.

Saying ‘all of Asia and the whole world worshippeth Artemis’ is another way of saying that Paul, Jesus, all the disciples, all the Jews and even God himself bowed down to her as well. Asia in this context was the Roman name for the territories and countries that the Romans occupied and controlled in the middle-east, which included the Holy Land.

Although Paul is presented in the story as being opposed to Artemis we have to assume that this is just a smokescreen to deflect people away from worshiping the female moon goddess instead of the male sun God that was worshiped by the Roman Emperor Constantine. Constantine founded Christianity under the understanding that he was the real Lord, God and Savior of the world who was to be worshiped now as a manifestation or the sun God.

The fact that Paul also changed his name from Saul to Paul confirms this as his name ‘Paul’ is a short form of ‘Apollo’. Apollo was a sun God who was also the twin brother of Artemis. So we have the sun god Apollo/Paul and the moon goddess Artemis/Diana presented as brother and sister in this myth.

The many breasted statue of Artemis pictured above is on display at the Vatican museum. The bible also says that a similar image to this fall, or had been thrown down, from the heavens by the Father God Jupiter. (Acts 19;35). This may explain why it looks such a bizarre image.

Jupiter became the new name for the God of the Holy Land once the Romans had conquered the Land and had totally defeated the Jews and their Gods, who were previously called El, the bull God, and Yahweh. This is the reason Christians now pray to ‘God the Father’, because ‘Jupiter’ means ‘Father’ in Latin.

The many breasts of Artemis are now thought to represent bull balls that she is wearing as a necklace – as a sign of her power, influence and triumph over men, tkings, bulls, bull Gods, etc. that she has defeated, sacrificed and/or castrated.

This castration symbol is significant too as it is speculated that God had been castration too and this is the reason why God is unable to conceive any children and why he keeps himself well hidden away these days. God had his power taken away from him as he is now impotent.

In fact he rite of circumcision may well be a commemoration of the time when God was castrated. Afterwards God mandated all his followers to undergo circumcision, which is a similar trauma, possibly because God didn’t have to feel such a failure – by getting others to share his pain.

Also Artemis was said to have sent a wild boar to kill Adonis as punishment for his hubristic boast that he was a better than she. As Jesus was claiming to be Adonis when he claimed that he was Lord, God and Savior of the Holy Land, it can be interpreted as meaning that Artemis, or her representative in the bible story was also possibly responsible for the death of Jesus and/or his castration. This helps explain why Jesus was never able to conceive a child or heir according to christian teaching.

Salome was responsible for killing Jesus’s master, John the Baptist by asking for his head on a platter. The head on a platter is also a castration symbol as it could also be referring to John the Baptist’s penis which was being served up on a platter for her and others to eat. This occurred at the great King of the Jews, King Herod’s banquet, where she was an important guest of honor.

This head on a platter was an earlier prototype of the Eucharist rite that was adopted by Jesus inviting people to partake in eating his body. Sheep balls were considered to be a delicacy back them and as Jesus claimed that he was a lamb, it means that his testicles would have been considered a much sort after delicacy too.
This was also meant to be a stark reminder of what would happen to anyone who disrespects the female and her goddess.

The name ‘Diana’ means ‘goddess Ana’ and was the earlier Sumerian name for the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. Ishtar was also famous for killing her husband Tammuz after he didn’t show proper respect to her after she sacrificed her life to save his.

‘Tammuz’ is represented as one of Jesus’s disciples under the anglicised name of ‘Thomas’, which indicates that the myth of Ishtar is important to understanding the myths of Jesus.

As Artemis/Diana were said to be virgin goddesses they have to be considered to be one of the reasons why Jesus’s mother also claims that she was a virgin too – as a way to clearly link herself to her and the worship of the moon. This also explains why the churches claim that Jesus was also a virgin,, and his Father too, in an attempt to show their allegiance to her, or their subservience to her power over them.


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