Why Christianity tries to hide that Jesus was actually born in Syria

Jesus was born in the land which the Romans had conquered and occupied, which the Romans named Syria after the great Assyrian empire. The churches try to hide this fact because to admit that Jesus was a Syrian means that Jesus can be identified as an Arab, as Syria is the northernmost part of Arabian Peninsula. However because the term ‘Arab’ has negative connotations to some people they have tried to keep this secret.

The churches also try to hide the name of the country that Jesus was born because the name of a country often reveals the name of the God or goddess that the people of the land worshiped in the hope that their national deity would protect and guard over them. This applies to the names ‘Syria’ and ‘Assyria’ which are a shortened spelling of ‘Asherah’. Asherah is the name the Hebrews called the wife as well as the mother of their God El – again confirming the Mesopotamian/ Assyrian/Babylonian roots and origins of the Hebrews and their religion.

The Bible also says that the Hebrews made totem poles altars, called Asherahs on every high hill dedicated to her worship. However as the Hebrews were forbidden to reveal the name and identity of their God, or goddess, they had to pretend that they were just worshiping or idolising the land or totem poles and it was just the land that they were prepared to fight, kill and die for – and not their mother goddess.

In the Hebrew language because the word for land and the female are the same it provided an easy way for the churches to make the Hebrew goddess disappear by pretending that they are worshiping the land instead. They then could claim now that there was only a male God and no goddess, or wife, or mother of God. This explains why the land in the Bible has been given such grandiose titles as ‘Holy Land’, the ‘Promised Land’, the ‘Land of milk and honey’ as these titles were actually referring to their mother goddess Asherah and not to a piece of land or mere dirt at all.

Asherah was also the Hebrew name for the ‘tree of life and knowledge’ totem pole in the Garden of Eden story. This explains why in the Adam and Eve story God said that they must not eat of the fruit of the Asherah tree as it was a way of showing ones allegiance to the goddess rather than God. This is why the Bible says such grandiose things such as that ‘eating from the fruit of the tree of life and knowledge means that one would live forever and become a God oneself, and even become greater than God.’ It is significant that Adam and Eve both ate the fruit of the Asherah tree signifying that they had both supplanted God and had become Gods themselves, and were even greater than God. (A wide range of these tree of life and knowledge totem poles can be seen in Assyrian religious art works)

The name ‘Sarah’ is also a short form of ‘Asherah’, and this explains why Sarah is presented as being the wife of the founding father of the Hebrews. As Abraham is called the ‘founding father of the Jews’ it means by definition that Sarah, or Asherah, is being identified as the ‘founding mother of the Jews’. This signifies that she had a much more important position in the biblical mythology that the churches are willing to acknowledge, especially considering that the Hebrews were a matriarchal culture.

Sarah was meant to represent the goddess Asherah, as well as representing an equivalent of Eve, who the Bible called ‘the mother of all living’, which is another way of declaring that Eve was another name for the goddess. This means that that the things that Sarah and Abraham are said to have done need to be considered as highly significant.

As the name ‘Abraham’ means ‘Father Ram’, I suggest the reason why Christianity says that they worship the ‘Father God’ or ‘God the Father’ is because it is another way of saying that they worship Abraham as their God and that they worshiped his wife and sister as their goddess. Although it may seem an absurd proposition that Abraham is the Father God of Judaism it is equivalent to, and no more absurd thsn the Christian claim that Jesus is God.

In the picture above Sarah is depicted presenting her elderly husband Abraham with her young servant girl Hagar to procreate with so he can begin his self proclaimed mission to raise more seed or children than all the stars in the sky and sand on the shore. This again is the biblical way of identifying Abraham as being the real Hebrew/Christian God, for only a God could achieve such a feat.


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