Why the six pointed ‘Star of David’ is the symbol of Judaism

The six pointed star is the symbol of Judaism because the ‘star’ was the symbol and the root of the name ‘Ishtar’. Ishtar was also known as ‘the queen of heaven’ and ‘the brightest star in the sky’ or in other words the planet Venus. This is why the Roman goddess of love and sex and their equivalent of Ishtar and Aphrodite is named Venus. The number six was significant as it was also used as a euphemism for the word ‘sex’.

The six pointed star or hexagram was also known as the ‘Shield of David’ and ‘Solomon’s Seal’. The hexagram is so named because it is something that hexes or casts a curse, or a magic charm, or enchantment over people. The symbol of the Star of David was not only referring to the goddess Ishtar but also to her incarnations, or manifestations, such as in David’s mother, his sisters, his daughter Tamar, but most especially to his wife Bathsheba. She was clearly his ‘star’ or in other words his ‘Ishtar’ that he idolised. For good reason too because she was the love of his life who was to carry the royal line of the Jews forward.

The Bible details how King David went to terrible ends to take Bathsheba for his own for when he saw her bathing at his well (pictured above by Jan Massy, 1562) and committed adultery with her she was already married to the Hittite Uriah who was one of his soldiers. David was so captivated by her that he arranged to have Uriah killed so he could have her for himself. (2 Samuel 11)

The wife, or lover, of a king is by definition considered to be Ishtar, or a manifestation of her. This is because the royal line of all the world’s kings were thought to be descended from the Babylonian monarchy, who’s idealised queen was their imaginary goddess Ishtar. Revelations confirms this by saying ‘all the kings of the world bow down to the whore of Babylon’.

The derogatory title ‘Whore of Babylon’ was the New Testaments term for Ishtar. The great influence that the worship of Ishtar had on the Jews is confirmed by the fact that God repeatedly called ‘his chosen people’, the Jews, ‘a nation of whores’.

It is however important to know that the Hebrew word for ‘whore’ (Quadesh) is also translated as meaning ‘Holy’ in the Bible. This means that the term ‘Whore of Babylon’ could have been translated as the ‘Holy One of Babylon’ and terms such as ‘Holy Spirit’ or ‘Holy Bible’ could have been translated as ‘Whores Spirit’ or the ‘Whores Bible’.

Significantly Ishtar’s title of ‘Queen of Heaven’ was later given to the Virgin Mary by the Catholic Church confirming that they considered Jesus’s mother to be Ishtar also. This is because they believed only a manifestation, or incarnation of the goddess Ishtar could give birth to a true God. This also possibly explains why the first syllable of words like ‘miracle’ and ‘miraculous’ are named after ‘Mary’ and not Jesus.

This also explains why Jesus is frequently depicted as being just a baby sitting on Mary’s lap for it was a way of representing her importance and supremacy over him and the male God he was supposed to be a manifestation of.

This reveals the great secret of Christianity and Judaism, which is that these religions are actually based on the worship of Ishtar as being the supreme deity. She was thought to manifest as every man’s lover, wife, mother, daughter, or sister. The word ‘sister’ also being a variant spelling of ‘Ishtar’ as are the words ‘Easter’ and ‘Esther’. Esther was the Jewish Babylonian Queen whom the Bible says saved the lives of all the Jews living in Babylon.

It is a common misconception that Christianity and Judaism is based solely on the worship of the King or God and his Son but this is just a subterfuge to hide that the Queen and her mother, sisters and daughters,etc. were considered to be the supreme deities. This explains why the Jewish monarchy is matriarchal rather than patriarchal.

Trying to hide the identity of God is why the 2nd and 3rd Commandments says in affect that the name, image and identity of God must not be revealed – with the penalty possibly being death for doing so. This also explains why the name of God has been virtually totally removed from the bible and replaced with the non-specific and ambiguous word ‘God’, which can refer in fact to any God or goddess.

This of course means that the God and his Son being presented as being the true God by the churches today is not the true God, but is just a decoy to hide Gods true identity from the commoner. The churches are still trying to hide, for obvious sexist reasons today, that it was Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven and of Earth that the Jews and Hebrews and Jesus were actually worshiping most devoutly.


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