Why the Catholic Church claims that it is the ‘Universal’ Church

It clearly doesn’t mean that that the Catholic Church has other branches out in the universe somewhere on other planets as the name tries to suggest. The reason that they claim to be ‘universal’ is because the word ‘universe’ is named after and invokes the Roman goddess Juno, whose name means ‘I am Uni’,’I am yoni’ or ‘the female genitals’, ‘I am one’, or ‘I am the one’, or ‘I am the moon’.

This also explains why Christianity claims that they worship the ‘one God’, or that ‘God is one’, or that it is a ‘monotheistic religion’. The first syllable of monotheistic, ‘mono’ being the short spelling of ‘moon’.

That Christianity is worshiping the mother goddess Juno is also confirmed by the fact that they call their church the ‘mother church’. Also the fact that ‘cat’, or the name of the goddess ‘Hecate’ is the first syllable of the word ‘catholic’ confirms that the church was based on female or goddess worship. This is because the ‘cat’, or ‘pussy’, is the euphemistic term and classical symbol for the female and the female genitals.

The 2nd syllable of ‘catholic’ being ‘holi’ it was clearly Juno’s genitals or Hecate’s that were being idolised and being called a ‘hole’, ‘holy’, or ‘holey’, or ‘wholely’ and ‘hell’. ‘Hell’ being supposedly a ‘hole’ in the ground and which was also referring to the female genital hole or pit, where the metaphorical fires of lust and desire supposedly never stop burning.

Hecate was one of the Greek Titans and many of her attributes were adopted into Christian mythology. For example she was the goddess of the Trinity, of the earth, sea, and sky as well as the past, present and future and of the three pathways.

She was also the goddess of the ‘cross’ or the ‘crossroads’. She was a moon goddess and her symbol was the dog, which is a companion animal of the cat. She was a “virgin” goddess, like her cousin Artemis and the Virgin Mary. This was just the biblical way of saying that she was free of the constraints of being married, or being controlled by a man or men.

Her mother was Asteria, which is a variant spelling of Ishtar, the goddess of the Hebrews. She was blessed because Zeus, or God the Father, King of Kings shared with her the power of giving humanity anything she wished.

She was the goddess of the underworld and the wilderness and of the household. She was protector of everything newly born, and the goddess of witchcraft. For she had the power to create or withhold storms and so was the protector of shepherds and sailors.

To try to counter and deny the catholic worship of the female, the goddess, the Queen of Heaven and the Virgin Mary the Protestant church was formed in Germany around 1517 by Luther – for largely sexist reasons. The name ‘protestant’ also means ‘pro-testes’ or ‘pro-testicles’, or in other words they were declaring themselves to be the ‘pro-penis’ protesting church as opposed to the ‘pro-vagina’ church.

Juno was the wife of the God Jupiter whose name means ‘Father’ and Jupiter is one of the reasons why Christianity today prays to the ‘Father’ or ‘God the Father’. When the Romans founded Christianity it was clearly their own Gods that they wanted to be worshiped and not some other foreign Gods.

The cat was also meant to be a important companion symbol to the dog, which is another female genital word and symbol and which was the totem symbol of Caesar and Rome. This is because Rome was supposedly founded by Romulus and Remus who were suckled and raised by a dog or she-wolf called Lupa.

The Greeks called their Father God and King of the Gods ‘Zeus’ and the name ‘Jesus’ is a variant spelling of ‘Zeus’ as well as of ‘Dionysus’ (Dion-ysus), who was Zeus’s son. Dionysus was a God of love, drunkenness and debauchery, which were all titles and accusations that were made against Jesus in the Bible too.

This all explains why the Christian depiction of their Father God is identical to the depiction of Zeus or Jupiter who are frequently portrayed sitting on the clouds on their thrones in their heavenly palaces looking down on people and occasionally rumbling like thunder or throwing lightning bolts down when they become annoyed with someone. The picture of Zeus above is depicted doing this with the help of his wife Hera.

The name ‘Hera’ is from the same root as words such as ‘her’, ‘hero’, ‘Herakles’, ‘Horus’, ‘church’, and of course ‘heresy’, ‘heretic’ and ‘whore’, in a attempt to discredit her and all females.

This all means if one wants to know more about the life and adventures of the Christian God and his wife and extended family other than what is contained in the heavily edited and censored Bible one can find out about these stories in the Roman and Greek myths, of which there are many more in-depth and interesting accounts.

As we can see the Christian Father God is just a repackaging and re-marketing of the Greek and Roman Gods Zeus and Jupiter, which means that the often heard assertion that ‘nobody worships Zeus or Jupiter anymore’ is obviously not so. Christianity clearly does, of course largely without being aware of it now.


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