Why Christianity hides and denies images of God’s mother, wife and the Holy Spirit

One reason is so that people won’t see that God’s mother and the Holy Spirit have cow’s ears and have their hair bound up tightly to resemble a serpent’s tail. The striking column-head above depicts Kadesh, the mother of God, 900 BC. She was also known as Hathor, the mother of Isis, by the Egyptians. (The Nicholson Museum, The University of Sydney)

Why the Second Commandment says that ‘one must not make any image of God’ is because Judaism and Christianity are trying to hide what their God looks like, as they know people will be shocked or confronted by what they see. One reason was because the Hebrew/Christian God, El, was a bull God and a serpent God too. This is confirmed by the fact that the ‘Eel’, which resembles a snake, was named after El.

That God is a cow God is confirmed by the fact that the God who wrote the Ten Commandments states “I am the God that brought you out of the Land of Egypt” (Exodus 20:2). The Hebrews had built the golden calf at Mt Sinai to represent and honor this very God who had brought them out of the Land of Egypt.

Also conversely the fact that churches and Christian literature contains numerous images of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit means that they can not be correct or true images of them, but substitute decoys. For as mentioned above the Commandments forbid revealing the true image of God, or even revealing God’s name.

Seeing how God’s mother, or the Holy Spirit, looks like, also reveals how God looks like as well, because as her son, God will resemble her in some ways. This is one of the reasons Christianity denies that God had a mother. But then at other times they say that ‘Mary is Mother of God’ – which means that God does have a mother. As Jesus and God are supposed to be one and the same – it means Jesus’s mother also has to be God’s mother.

Jesus can be expected to look like a serpent in some instances too, for Jesus said that ‘he was the serpent on the cross, or pole’. Also if Jesus is a serpent it confirms that his mother or Father must be like a serpent too in some way, for Jesus would have got some of his features and attributes from them.

It is worth noting, one cannot dismiss any theory, or proposition about God on the grounds that it is absurd, ridiculous or that it doesn’t make sense, for very little of the Christian teachings of God makes any sense anyway.

The word ‘God’ is not a sexually specific word. It is does not reveal whether it is referring to a male or a female God, as there are both male and female Gods. This means that it is not possible to determine from the word ‘God’ whether it is referring to the Mother or Father God, or his wife, or the sister or daughter of God, or a God from another religion or pantheon.

That the word ‘God’ is referring to the ‘goddess’ is confirmed by the fact that the word ‘God’ is the short spelling of the word ‘goddess’ and the word ‘goddess’ is a variant spelling of the word ‘Gadesh’, or ‘Kadesh’. This means the word ‘God’ is derived from the name of the sad looking lady with cow’s ears. This clearly signifies the importance and influence she has had on religion, as the mother of God.

In Hebrew, God and the Holy Spirit are also named after Gadesh, or a variant spelling of her name. ‘Kadosh’, meaning the ‘Holy One’, and ‘Ruach Ha-Kodesh’, meaning Holy Spirit. Also the ‘Holy Land’, the ‘Holy Mountain’ and ‘Holy City’, etc. were all named after her.

This means that saying that one worships the above mentioned ‘Holy’ things was just a discrete, non-confrontational and non-controversial way of saying that one worships the wife, mother, sister, or daughter of God.

There are several other variant spellings of her name such as ‘Katesh’, ‘Quadesha’, Qetesh, Qodesh, etc. The reason why the church hasn’t standardised the spelling of her name is to make it harder to notice references to her in the religious literature and to research her myths.

Christianity created their God and religion largely by masculinising the goddess and by personifying the two sexes, or genitals. A large part of Christianity is based on the rites, rituals and ceremony used in the worship of the Isis and her son Lord Horus. Isis was a serpent, bull, bird and moon goddess.

‘Jesus’ even used to be called ‘Isis’, as the letter ‘J’ was only introduced into the English language in the 16th century. Before that Jesus’s name was ‘Isus’, which is indistinguishable to the ear from ‘Isis’ and the ‘sis’ of a serpent.

Although Christianity is adamant that one must not worship animal Gods, it is not being genuine – as it bases its religion on worshiping human Gods. Or in other words, Gods that resemble the 3rd species of chimpanzee – as the creator of the world and the infinite universe.


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