Was Juno and the moon the reason the bible says that there is only one God?

The reason why the bible says that that ‘there is only one God’ is because Juno was the name of the mother God of Rome = with her name ‘Juno’ or ‘uno’ meaning ‘one’.

In the above painting by Rubens (1636) Juno can be seen inadvertently creating the milky way with a splatter of her breast milk while feeding Hercules to try and make him immortal, while her husband Jupiter looks on.

Juno was the wife of the Roman Father God Jupiter. ‘Jupiter’ meaning ‘Father’.and Jupiter is the reason why Christianity say that they worship the the Father God, or God the Father. Jupiter was the Roman equivalent of Zeus, the king of the Gods, which is also the same title of the Christian God.

The name ‘Juno’ also meant ‘moon’ as ‘mono’ is a variant spelling of ‘moon’. The moon was an important God in the Hebrew religion for the Mountains of the Moon, or Mt Sinai, or the Mountains of Sin, is where Moses went we he wanted to talk with God. ‘Sin’ being the Babylonian name for their ‘moon God’. The Babylonians being the ancestors of the Hebrews and the homeland of Abraham.

The Jewish most holy places of Mt Sion and Jerusalem were also named after the moon or the Mount of Sin. ‘Jerusalem’ being named after the ‘Mount of Salome’ or the ‘Mount of Selene’. Selene was the name of the Greek moon goddess, who was also considered to he equivalent of Ishtar.

The God Sin was the father of Ishtar who became the mother goddess of the Jews and Christianity under the name of the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene whose role was to represent the Aphrodite or Venus, the bright and morning star and of course Ishtar, the whore of Babylon.


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